V&V Femzol Kft. Is a Hungarian-owned industrial and quality company with 100%, which provides a stable and reliable service to its customers.
Our company was established in 2013 with its headquarters in Bakonycsernye, which has been available to various companies and enterprises with exceptionally fast reaction time and efficiency since the beginning.

The employees of our company go to work with their own cars, company minibuses, and their own drivers, the cost of which is included in the price of the contract concluded with our partners, so our customers do not have to reckon with any additional costs in addition to the agreed price.

We have our own workers' hostel and site, which we can arrange for any required activity within the closing time upon request.

Our mission

  • Build long-term relationships with our customers by continually meeting their expectations and recognizing their future needs.

  • Satisfy your customer's needs at the right time and with the maximum content you expect.

  • We always know who (why) has a place and it should always be in place.

  • Recognize the changing business circumstances in a timely manner and respond to them as soon as possible, taking into account our capabilities.

  • We protect the interests of our customers, employees and our organization by acting responsibly and in compliance with legal requirements.

  • We create added value with our work, always keeping the interests of our customers in mind.

  • We are constantly developing our systems, thus supporting the interests of our customers.

  • Educate, develop and inform our employees, because without it it is impossible to achieve our long-term goals.

  • We always act in accordance with the legal regulations, we develop our organization.

  • Let us focus on the safety of our employees to the maximum, as people are always the first and most important factor.

  • The maximum goal of our organization is to improve the long-term quality and performance of our customers. Our goal is continuous development while maintaining capacity.

  • Each of our employees has many years of experience in the automotive industry or in quality assurance, and we will continue to focus on this in the future.

  • Our goal is to be fully integrated into our customer team, as if we were part of their organization, but with our customers in mind and know that we add value to their processes.